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Technical Advancements
Developed a new computational algorithm for calculating Neutral Point of an aircraft, which got incorporated into a popular aerodynamics analysis software – XFLR5 v6.13 and also found a mention in its release notes.
Finite Element Analysis
Successful use of Finite Element Analysis(FEA) and simulation in HYPERMESH and OPTISTRUCT to determine approximate bending of a completely built wing during different stages of flight with a number of payload weight and subsequent optimization.
Digital Data book for Propeller characteristics
Preparation of a standard digital data book for propeller characteristics on preliminary requirement of cruise speed of an aero-model, based on the APC propeller database.
Energy conservation of aero-model propulsion systems
Development of code based on energy conservation for velocity profile of aero-model propulsion systems around a prescribed flight path, using a numerical computing environment - MATLAB.
Thrust Testing Stand & Telemetry
Determination of Propulsion Parameters (Thrust, RPM, Power) using RCBENCHMARK 1520 SERIES THRUST STAND.
Determination of path traced, true airspeed and altitude during flight using EAGLE TREE eLogger V4, Altimeter MicroSensor V4 and Airspeed MicroSensor V3.