The workshop is mainly for freshmen in the month of September, wherein the students learn how to build a radio-controlled plane designed by the sophomores. The two day workshop starts with lectures on the basics of aerodynamics, stability, structuring followed by construction of plane.
Held primarily for the school students during the latter half of the academic year. Glider workshop brings in new construction techniques and materials to work with. Students get to build a scaled depron model of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, recreated and tested successfully by the sophomores. The workshop is held over a period of one day, comprising of lectures and construction sessions as well.
The students go through the basic process to design a radio-controlled plane.
The students are taught the basic theory and the concepts required in designing a simple RC plane. The complete design is developed by students.
Softwares like XFLR5 for aerodynamic stability and SOLIDWORKS for structuring and designing are used.
Pratigya is an initiative through which we try to light up the lives of children in municipal schools, orphanages and shelter homes by sparking a curiosity in them about the world of aeromodelling. Basic knowledge and various theories are explained, and the kids are taught to build glider planes.
We regularly conduct such workshops in association with various NGOs and Technovanza- the technical festival of our college.